Selling Guide

You'd like to sell your watch ? Because selling it is a part of a life-making decision ? Because you'd like to buy another watch ?


41Watch is here to help you in your selling process


Selling your watch as an individual can be a real pain

  • Selling it online ? Determining the appropriate price ? Securely meet potential buyers that are not thieves ? This is not something anyone would love to encounter
  • Selling it to a merchant with obscure methods and low prices ? This is not something anyone would love to encounter...

We offer simple solutions, clear and transparent

  • Thanks to our price tracker regularly updated, you can evaluate the price index of the watch your selling
  • You just need to fill out a form or call us to receive an initial offer based on the information you give us
  • We offer you two possibilities
    • A buyback offer cash and instantly:usually the price displayed in our Price Tracker, less a margin between 15% and 25%. This margin corresponds to the costs we incur to inspect the watch, test it, restore it (only in order to sell it, if needed, under some circumstances) and commercialize it with a warranty
    • A trade-in offer with a warranty of out (which means an actual engagement of a buyback of your watch, after an expired delay - usually 4 to 6 weeks - at a fixed price). Commissions for a trade-in are usually between 12.5% and 15%, depending on the model, the liquidity on the market for such watch... 41Watch is the first reseller to offer trade-in offer at such rates with a secured exit for you...

Why would you wait ? Contact-us to sell your watch !

We're always available to answer your questions, and we'd be delighted to meet you in our showroom

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