Actualités des Montres - 2022-06-01
Revue de Presse - 2022-06-01

41Watch is covered in The Good Life magazine

The last special edition of the lifestyle magazine "The Good Life" is covering the watchmaking and watchselling business...

"Our judgments, like our watches, none go just alike, yet each believes his own". This quote from the poet Alexander Pope introduces this last special edition of June 2022: published once every two months, The Good Life is surely one of the most well-known lifestyle magazine in France.

Among the section "The Good World", 41Watch' history is covered across three full pages, narrated by Cyril and Stéphane, the two co-founders. They cover the origin of 41Watch to the most recent trends of the watch market, with new tendancies and more digitalization...

A "Good" read for the summer! It's available online and in most newsstands....

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