Limited Editions of the Patek Philippe 5130 World Time

The "World Time" complication is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful watch complications... a closer look at the Patek Philippe "World Time".

The World-Time complication (or "Heure Universelle") is a signature complication of the Geneva based manufacture since the 1930s, developed in partnership with a renowned watchmaker: Louis Cottier. We can of course think of the references 1415 or even 2523 which today unleash passions during themed auctions.

Introduced in 2006 to replace the ref. 5110, the 5130 is part of the contemporary, neo-vintage "World Time" collection.

Sharing the same Manufacture 240 caliber base as the 5110, the 5130 is available in yellow gold, pink gold, white gold and platinum. The 5130 has known limited editions that are sometimes very exclusive and still unknown to collectors.

5110P vs. 5130P by ISW

The reasons for these limited editions were varied and specific to the manufacture: anniversary of an authorized dealer, opening of a new boutique or even a special order for an important customer.

List of limited edition of Patek Philippe World Time 5130

  • Taipei Edition
  • Dubai Edition - 50 pieces in platinum
  • Mecca Edition - 150 pieces in platinum
  • Vancouver Edition - 20 pieces in white gold, 20 pieces in rose gold
  • Shanghai Edition - 25 pieces in white gold, 25 pieces in rose gold
  • Istanbul Edition
  • Munich Edition - 25 pieces in white gold, 25 pieces in rose gold
  • Jerusalem Edition - In white gold, estimated at 3 pieces
  • Saint Helier (Jersey) Edition - In yellow gold, limited to 15 pieces
  • Edinburgh Edition - In platinum, limited to 25 pieces
  • Beirut Edition - In rose gold, limited to 25 pieces
  • Tokyo Edition - 3 pieces in platinum

41watch has set out to reference them as exhaustively as possible, do not hesitate to contact us if you have one that is not referenced!

Taipei edition
Dubaï edition - 50 pcs. in platinum
Mecca edition - 150 pcs. in platinum
Vancouver edition - 20 pcs. in white gold, 20 pcs. in rose gold
Shanghai edition - 25 pcs. in white gold, 25 pcs. in rose gold
Istanbul edition
Munich edition - 25 pcs. in white gold, 25 pcs. in rose gold
Jerusalem edition - in white gold, estimated to only 3 pcs.
Saint-Hélier edition (Jersey) - in yellow gold, limited to 15 pcs
Edinburgh edition - In platinum, limited to 25 pcs
Beiruth edition - In rose gold, limited to 25 pcs
Tokyo edition - 3 pcs. in platinum

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