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After an in-depth review of the Nautilus line's crown jewel, the Nautilus 5711, we now bring you a more condensed historical and technical review of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712, "the" Nautilus line's complication watch (along with the 5726, which has been released in a more private version, without the same type of case or thickness).

The 5712’s predecessor, the 3712, is a one-of-a-kind timepiece, produced in only one year's time, in 2005. It is estimated that 500 pieces of the 3712 were produced. It is the first Nautilus to house the 240 caliber, with a micro rotor. This watch's special feature, which is found on the 5712 introduced the following year, is to display a power reserve indicator at 10:30, with the day indicator and moon phases at 7:00, and small seconds at 4:00. The result is a rather unusual layout, which is what gives this model its charm, attracting both critics and purists... We can't always be unanimous, especially when it comes to versions of the iconic model, the famous "3 hands".

The 5712, which was introduced in Basel in 2006, has the exact same distinctive display in a new casing, identical to that of the 5711, i.e. a diameter of 42mm. One of the characteristics of the 5712 is its exceptional slimness, with a 10mm thick case, unlike the 5726 and the iconoclastic 5980, whose high selling prices are making headlines today.

The Dial

The 5712's aesthetic design choices are theoretically based on watchmaking imperatives, as extraordinary as it may seem. The caliber 240 that equips the 5712 (and which already equipped the 5054 and 5055, Calatrava watches with a much more "formal" look, and with a more condensed 36mm diameter) is not equipped with second hands, but with a small seconds dial between 4:00 and 4:30, hence the way the dial is arranged.

Image of model 5054 from which the 5712 gets its complications


Image of the 240 caliber present in model number 5054

Dimilarly, the reserve indicator at 10:30 is only found where it is for very technical reasons related to the caliber. The day and moon phase indicator blatantly "masks" the index at 7:00 (in fact there isn't an index...) and "crops " the 8:00 one. The result is a totally uncommon layout with relative readability.

Image of model number 5712's dial


Image of the dial on model number 5712R-00

We can always argue about what Patek Philippe's technical teams wanted to accomplish. It wasn't necessary to use the caliber that equips the "small" Calatrava, so the result turned out to be quite different... Did Patek Philippe want to keep three real complications in a contained case? Revolutionize watchmaking standards? Or simply both? A pragmatic approach or a choice in aesthetics? At 41 WATCH, the 5712 dial remains one of our favorites, and this watch is one of our all-time favorites.

We always appreciate this almost measured imbalance, an off-beat attitude in an ultra-elegant case. The Nautilus was, at that time, already considered the enfant terrible of high-end watchmaking. The 3712 followed by the 5712 became worthy successors to the early models, and that is what gives them their charm.


Image of model number 5712's luminescent indexes

The Caliber

The 240 PS IRM C LU consists of no less than 265 components. Its balance delivers 21,600 vibrations per hour at 3Hz. It has a power reserve of 48.

Image of technical characteristics for the 240 caliber

The caliber has the particularity of being stamped with the prestigious Geneva seals from 2006 to 2009. The Geneva Seals is an independent third-party organization that defines the most advanced watchmaking standards in the world of watchmaking. In order to stay one step ahead of its competitors, the Stern family (owner of Patek Philippe) decided to end their partnership and introduce their own seals, which guarantee the highest level of excellence ever achieved in watchmaking creation. The Patek Philippe seals have been applied to the 240 caliber from mid-2009 to present day.

YearCaliber Seal
2006Geneva Seal
2007Geneva Seal
2008Geneva Seal
2009Geneva Seal / Patek Philippe Seal
2010PPatek Philippe Seal
2011Patek Philippe Seal
2012Patek Philippe Seal
2013Patek Philippe Seal
2014Patek Philippe Seal
2015Patek Philippe Seal
2016Patek Philippe Seal
2017Patek Philippe Seal
2018Patek Philippe Seal
2019Patek Philippe Seal

Image of the micro rotor, typical in a 240 caliber

The Strap:

The 5712 Nautilus strap is identical to that of the Nautilus 5711, and is originally composed of 25 links. It experienced an upgrade circa 2012 when its fastening system was changed from screws to rivets.

Image of the strap on model 5712

FWatch functions and settings:

Like all Nautilus watches, the 5712 is a self-winding watch. When off the wrist and fully wound, the 5712 is equipped with a 48-hour power reserve. The date can be corrected at 8 o'clock using the Patek stylus supplied with the watch, and to correct the moon phase, you use the same stylus at 4 o'clock.

Image of the 5712's various settings

The 5712 when worn:

The 5712 remains incredibly lightweight for a watch with complications, with an articulated strap that is very comfortable, and in our opinion, one of the best on the market. The blue dial's reflections (actually grey, with blue reflections...) are as exceptional as ever, just like on the 5711. One can only agree with most people, the 5712's dial readability is not the best, but is it really important?

At first glance, the 5712 is comparable to the Nautilus range, but the 5712 can be more closely identified by the complications that differentiate the watch from the 5711. It is a watch that is not only sporty, but also very fashionable. As you might have noticed, this watch is one of our favorites.

The price of the 5712:

In April 2019, the 5712 was being sold between 55,000 and 62,000 euros, depending on the watch's condition and different configurations, and with either the Geneva or Patek seals. That price is now very similar to that of the 5711, which for several months was superior in price to the 5712. The reason could be that collectors have realized that the 5712 shows a certain number of attractive features... One can also wonder if this model will last much longer, which would probably make its price skyrocket... To be continued.

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