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Buying a watch is not a random thing we do everyday... It's usually the consequence of some time of reflexion, sometimes the concrete accomplishment of a dream... The amount you actually invest in makes you think twice before doing so.

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At 41Watch, we fully understand the decision making our clients go through, and we value to guide you with your decision, giving you all the recommendations we have based on our experience


Luxury watches are precious goods matching technology and high-precision hand-crafting. Prices are the reflection of the quality of the products. Therefore, the question of your budget is essential. At 41Watch, we focus on iconic models, known for the reliability. Our models are commercialized between a few thousand euros, up to some dozens of thousand euros. The common point between all our watches : we guarantee the quality of the watchmaking and we do appreciate all the models we sell !

Furthermore, you'll need to consider that prices have a tendency to constantly rise over the years, at a rate largely superior to the inflation rate. Thus, it's not necessary to wait to invest in the good you desire to acquire.

To do so, 41Watch offers flexible, mid-term and taylor-made financing options in order for you to make your purchases easier. The idea is simple : buying a 5 000€ watch is not necessarly your priority, but financing it for a few hundred per month is surely more suitable. That's why at 41Watch, along with our partners, we try to offer you the best financing options available.}

This question is not that innocent. Considering the fact that you don't have unlimited funds, it is important to acquire a watch that you'll have the use of, and the functions you need. Is it your first acquisition ? Are you going to wear it at the office ? Everyday ? For a cocktail ? A gift ? Are you planning to travel with it ? Once you've answered all these questions, you'll find the type of watch you want, and determine the functions you need : chronograph, date, power reserve, moonphase, ...). These simple questions can have a significant impact on your acquisition. Some legendary chronographs have no date ! Some very fancy watches cannot be seen in pitch black. Don't hesitate again to ask questions, we're here to help you in your decision making !

Front or rear wheel drive ? All car enthusiasts have an opinion... especially depending on the use they'll have of the car. Questioning the fact whether we choose a quartz, a manual watch or an automatic watch is a bit the same... you'll meet afficionados for everything... and the diversity makes a collection !

From a general point of view, if you regularly change watches, precision and reliability are a must, and if maintenance costs are not something you're after, quartz is surely the solution. Nonetheless, please be aware that many purists wouldn't wear a quartz watch... However, Patek Philippe, THE watchmaker of all sometimes use quartz mechanisms for some of the most wanted watches. Overall, the more the models are precise and delicate, the more the use of quartz is need for reliability and precision...

Feeling the heartbeat of your watch moves you ? You love the feeling when the caliber moves, and the simple movements of the pendulum to your hear ? You like precise high end mechanics ? Automatic watches are made for you

Finally, if you're a vintage person, if rewinding your watch every day is truly a pleasure, or even more, a hobby : manual watches are designed for you. It's surely not a stroke of luck if the most sold Speedmaster from Omega is the one with manual rewinding.

Case diameter has significantly evolved since the 1950s, and what used to be a standard at the time (34 or 35mm or sometimes even less) feel a little obsolete, when today, average diameters round about 38 to 42mm for men watches, and even up to 46mm. Panerai and Bell & Ross are pioneers of this change of size. Jaeger-Lecoultre is also known to have update their iconic Reverso with the Grande Reverso.

At 41Watch, our opinion is the same as the Swiss one : neutrality ! We do not take sides, and we encourage diversity in tastes and colors... After all, a fantastic watch is a fantastic watch ! That being said, the smaller the model, the more discrete it'll be and elegant... The bigger the model, the better the chances it'll look sportish...

A true question for an investment that's somehow important. At 41Watch, we inspect every single details of a second-hand good. If needed, a full service can be done before we commercialise a watch

For every watch we sell, we'll hand out an authenticity certificate, and a one year warranty for every second-hand watch. Choosing between a brand new one or one that's been worn is a personal choice : obviously the price will guide your decision, but also your own preferences. Indeed, if opening a box for the first time can give you great sensations, be assured that our second-hand watches are in such good shape that it's sometimes even impossible to distinguish them for new ones...

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Why choosing 41Watch ?

  • Because we love to share our passion
  • We offer all our watches a one year warranty. We also have our own workshop to fully take care of all your needs.
  • We offer taylor made financing options that allow you to buy the watch of your dreams according to your income
  • We offer trade-in options between 12 and 24 months for most of the watches we sell. This offer a flexibility that's unique on the market.
  • We have competitive offers to buy your watch

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